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Famers see growth potential for ‘functional’ vegetables
Researchers from the agricultural department at Tamagawa University in Japan are using LED technology to produce "functional" (enhanced nutrition) vegetables. Exposure to different LED lighting conditions can alter both the nutritional value and taste of vegetables. In addition, the plants grow faster, thus enabling harvest in as little as two weeks.



World Interest in Nutrition Builds Momentum for International Year of Pulses (IYOP)
Cancer Researcher, Dr. Henry Thompson on pulses. “Food has very powerful effects on our health. I think we’ve lost sight of that. If you look at the American plate today, pulse crops have pretty much disappeared, and that’s not okay." He sums up by saying, "My mission is to get people to focus on the importance of food and to get agriculture to produce the best foods that can possibly be put on the table.”

The Cancer Prevention Properties of Beans
CSA News Magazine article - Dr. Henry Thompson and Dr. Mark Brick discuss the health benefits and cancer prevention properties of dry beans.

Crops For Health: A Vision for Agriculture as An Instrument of Public Health Can It Save Your Life?

“Ancient solutions could help in fight against cancer”

Henry's Top 10 List (eat healty/live healthy)

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Beanificial Recipes

Beaneficial Recipes

Beans are a wonderful source of protein and we are just now starting to understand the health benefits or should we say beanefits in relation to chronic disease prevention. We have received a number of requests for bean recipes. The Crops For Health team is proud to release Beanefical Recipes, a collection of over 50 bean recipes. Enjoy! Updated 7/30/12

Red Beans and Yams

A Crops For Health® version of the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham

Click on the image below to view the PDF version of the poster entitled
"Evolutionary Tree of Plant-based Foods"

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Crops For Health® is a unique transdisciplinary research program the goal of which is to improve the disease prevention characteristics of food crops, thereby reducing chronic disease morbidity and mortality. The focus of the program is on the major staple crops of the world’s population: dry beans, corn, potatoes, rice, and wheat. Specialty crops are also investigated.

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