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Press Releases

The Cancer Prevention Properties of Beans
CSA News Magazine article - Dr. Henry Thompson and Dr. Mark Brick discuss the health benefits and cancer prevention properties of dry beans.

Posted 8/5/14

Ancient solutions could help in fight against cancer
The National Cancer Institute has awarded a $1.54 million five-year grant to Drs. Henry Thompson and Mark Brick to study the disease-fighting ability of a common bean domesticated in the Andean Mountains of South America.

Posted 8/5/13

CSU prof: Beans fight cancer
Dr. Meghan Mensack dicsusses her work with dry beans and the potential to improve disease prevention characteristics of various crops by investigating metabolomic profiles.

Posted 11/3/09

Beans - are they what's for dinner?
Drs. Henry Thompson and Mark Brick discuss the use of pre-clinical models to evaluate disease prevntion characteristics of bean cultivars.

Posted 11/17/04

WB2 News Television Interview
Denver's WB2 News reporter, Vinita Nair, talks with Drs. Henry Thompson and Mark Brick regarding their work on the dry bean project.

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