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Red Beans and Yams

by John McGinley

© 2009

Do you like red beans and yams?

I do not like them, Cam the Ram.
I do not like red beans and yams.

Would you, could you, take a jar?
Would you, could you, eat different cultivars?

Some are healthier depending where found.
Easy to harvest, right from the ground.
Just look at the worm data and you will agree.
Eating right increases longevity.

Our lab is focused on disease prevention.
Stopping cancer, that’s the intention.
Subtle changes we can implement at home,
may help alter our metabolome.

Knowledge is power and we share the wealth.
Perhaps you’ve heard of our program.
It’s called Crops For Health®.

Our data shows white kidney’s the best,
followed by red bean and all the rest.
I could talk more science for hours with glee,
but that may not convince you like it has me.

Too much to do and no time to cook?
Let’s get down to basics and forget the book.
Have no fear it’s as clear as can be,
just follow the steps, one, two, three.

The process is so simple you see,
just drop them in water and let them be.
Turn up the heat and bring to boil.
That’s all there is to it, no fuss or toil.
Once the beans are hot turn down to a simmer.
Cook a while longer and look, there’s dinner!

Packed with protein that stops you from snacking.
Loaded with goodies, hardly anything lacking.
If you think that consumption will give you gas,
no worries, in time this too shall pass.

Yams are a tuber just like sweet potatoes,
but they’re as different as carrots, broccoli or tomatoes.
Surely evolutionary branches no more than three.
Why they’re at opposite ends, as far apart as can be!

Body mass index is where it’s at.
Lower the sugar and decrease your fat.
Increase the fiber to keep things movin’.
Exercise each day and let’s start groovin’.

Looking for stores with produce on target.
Try Sprouts, Whole Foods or Sunflower Market.
Where you shop does not matter.
Eat healthy foods and your stomach will be flatter.

Concerned your bowl of beans and tubers
may have people saying, you’re such a goober!
In case you haven’t heard, it’s cool to be a nerd.
Just look at Steve Jobs and the rest of the herd.
It matters not if you’re a PC or Mac.
Give them a try, I’ve got your back.

Find yourself busy and on the go.
Use your cell phone with web 2.0.
Search for cuisine with a site called Yelp.
You’ll find restaurant reviews that can really help.

So many dishes and so many uses.
If I’m not mistaken, you’re out of excuses.
You do not like them so you say.
Try them! Try them, anyway!

Cam! If you will let me be,
I will try them. You will see.

Say!  I like red beans and yams!
I do! I like them, Cam the Ram!

The moral of the story as you can see,
everything in moderation that’s the key.
To be healthy as can be,
pick from all over the botanical tree.

Spread the word for all to hear.
Eat healthier and exercise in the coming year.
If you feel compelled and aren’t a quitter,
make this your status on Facebook or Twitter.

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Red Beans and Yams